What Women Want In The Typical Kenyan Man

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Chances are that you’re deep in the DMs of the girl you like shooting your shot right now, or desperately trying everything you can think of to get your crush to give you a second look. While every woman is different, what women want in men is pretty universal. Gather round, gentlemen, and learn how you can finally get the girl.

Being smart is key

This one’s pretty obvious. No woman wants to be around a man with porridge for brains, someone who can’t even reason like a grown up. It’s not just about book smarts either. What women want in men is someone knowledgeable about the world, someone who can teach them something new.At the same time, be the kind of man who’s willing to be corrected when wrong and keep learning.

Have a great body

We’re not just talking about shiny,bulging muscles and long flowy hair. We’re grown and this is not a music video or a steamy novel cover. More often than not, women don’t really care about a man’s body type. What women want is a man who obviously takes care of his body, whether by going to the gym, eating right or both.

Be confident

Confidence is always sexy. A confident man makes a woman feel relaxed and secure in his presence. Be the type of guy who commands the room when you walk in and takes over any space you’re in. Men who are confident can easily get the girl because they are fearless in the pursuit, and she’ll be super impressed with all the attention. However, be careful to not come off as arrogant because women really hate that.

Say it with your chest

Make your intentions clear from the start and stick to them. What women want in men is someone who will be truthful and will not keep them guessing about what they want or where the relationship is going. Also, leave the ‘wyd’ and ‘you up’ texts at the door and make definite plans at a reasonable hour like an adult.

Beard gang gang

What’s there to say? Women go nuts for facial hair. We’re talking full on, all around the chin and up the sides of your face beards. If you have that, just post a selfie online and get ready to receive the love from women everywhere. It must be well groomed and not look like something a rodent would live in, of course! If you don’t have a beard, maybe try having a nice personality instead?

Have a great sense of humor

Did you know that you can laugh your way into a woman’s heart? No one wants to be with a boring person. Women want a man who can make them laugh and keep them entertained with a joke or a funny story. More importantly, they want a man who is able to laugh at himself and not take everything too seriously. So go out there and find you a girl with your sense of humor that you can be sharing memes with.

Be a man who gets things done

Women get tired of being the ones everyone looks at to always have a plan or know what is going to happen in every situation.What women want is a man who leads and takes initiative. This can even be something as simple as planning for a date she’ll love from start to finish without any input from her.

Don’t be a scrub

Again, this is pretty simple. Get your finances in order before you start chasing after any woman. No woman wants to be with someone who is constantly broke or asking her for money. 

Look good and smell better

Women are also visual creatures so make sure you dress very well before you approach us. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a suit or expensive, but be sure to dress to impress. Of greater importance is that what women want is a man that smells amazing, so splurge on that expensive cologne.

Let your passion shine through

It doesn’t matter what you’re into, talking about it with the woman you like will make you seem more attractive to her and make her wonder what else you can be passionate about. Like, say, her.

Be a great listener

Women talk a lot, and being a good listener will make them feel valued and respected. Women also love men who ask questions about what they are saying and remember it later.





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