5 Ways To Beat Your Monday Blues

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Sometimes on the weekend it’s like you blink and suddenly it’s Monday again. Suddenly your alarm is waking you up and it’s goodbye to fun and relaxation, hello to another week of work. It’s no wonder that many people have Monday blues, but there are things you can do to make it suck less and start your week right.

Plan your to-do list for the week ahead

Walking into work and feeling like you have too many tasks on your plate could be a major reason for your Monday blues. To avoid this, take time during the weekend to look through what you need to get done in the coming week. Prioritize the really important things for Monday in your calendar and put a reminder so that you are ready to go.

Set aside your wardrobe for the week

Knowing what you’ll be doing and where will help you know how you need to dress. Monday morning is not the best time to be trying to figure out what to wear, especially when you don’t really feel like going to work in the first place. Instead, plan the week’s outfits, including shoes, on Sunday night. You can even iron them and keep them ready.

Have an early Sunday night

As you get ready for Monday, getting a full night’s sleep will go a long way towards making you feel better. Your body needs time to wind down from the weekend’s activities and gear up for the work-week ahead. Avoid all distractions and try to sleep early on Sunday so you can wake up well rested and ready for the week.


Don’t skip Monday morning breakfast

You may be tempted to wake up and rush out of the house, but having breakfast will make it less likely for you to have Monday blues. It will also help you feel much better and help you concentrate at work.

Get some exercise

Early morning exercise will get you pumped for the week ahead. It will also release endorphins into your bloodstream, making you happier in the process. Monday blues won’t stand a chance!


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