Comedian Chipukeezy Calls It Quits At Ebru TV

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In a shocking move, comedian Chipukeezy has terminated his engagement with Ebru TV. He called it quits after being asked by the network executives to change the structure of the Chipukeezy Show.


He shared a statement with details on his Instagram page. Comedian Chipukeezy confirmed that he received an email from Ebru TV asking him to drop his co-host and fellow comedian Kartelo from the show. The reason for this is because they felt that the show had become ‘too ghetto’ since he’d become a part of it. They also wanted Chipukeezy to focus less on upcoming musicians and comedians. He was asked to start doing more interviews with politicians and corporate executives instead. 


On his part, comedian Chipukeezy expressed his sadness about this request saying that it conflicted with his personal mission of uplifting the youth. He stated that the rich didn’t need more platforms but that such opportunities should instead go to talented youth. That is why he felt like there was no other option but to terminate his contract. Chipukeezy vowed to keep working with Kartelo on the Chipukeezy Show and look for another platform where they could continue uplifting the lives of Kenyan youth.


Kenyans on Twitter were not amused by this move at all.


Featured Image Courtesy: The Insyder



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