Horoscope For The Week Of August 26

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Your star may shine brighter this week, and other people may want to bask in your glory. 

It may be the perfect time to go somewhere with your partner and strengthen your relationship. 

NOTE: Take some time off for self reflection and figure out the important things in your life. 


You may need to take some alone time after being a social butterfly for so long. 

This weekend may be an opportunity for you to tie up loose ends in your life. 

NOTE: Love is on the horizon for you. 


It may be time to take a risky opportunity that may be very rewarding later on. 

This week may be about finding time to relax after working hard for too long. 

NOTE: Be with the people who bring you joy and want to help you grow. 


It may be a good time for career advancement, so apply for your dream job. 

You may need to focus more on your health this week. 

NOTE: You may get a travel opportunity, so stay ready. 

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