5 Breakfast Ideas For When You’re Rushing To Work

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We’ve already agreed that you should never skip breakfast, but what happens when you’re in a hurry?  Here are some quick & simple breakfast ideas you can try out.

Eggs & Toast

No matter how hectic your morning gets, you can still take time to have a healthy breakfast. You can have your eggs scrambled, poached, or boiled with some toast on the side. This super simple breakfast idea is ready in minutes. It will also give you the nutrients you need to jump start your day. Get the recipe here

Yogurt & Smoothies

This is a great breakfast idea because you can sip as you go about getting ready. You can take your yogurt plain or add in some fruits and nuts. If you’re making a smoothie, just prep the night before by freezing all the ingredients needed the night before. In the morning, add milk and blend for a few minutes and Voila! Here’s the recipe.

Cereal & Oatmeal

You probably have some cereal or oatmeal lying around. Well you can now have a quick and healthy breakfast. Just add milk, and customize with your favorite fruits and nuts, and you’re good to go. You can try out this recipe.

Fruits & Vegetables

You can never go wrong with this breakfast idea. Eat plain fruit in the morning or add it to your yogurt and smoothies. You can also stir fry some veggies and have them with toast or scramble with some eggs.

Last Night’s Leftovers

If you had a little too much food for supper, you can always have the leftovers for breakfast. Just reheat and you’re good to go.




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