How To Keep Period Sex Bloody Clean

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Aunt Flo may be a drag every month, but she doesn’t have to ruin your sex life too. Believe it or not, this can be the best time to have sex. This is because all the hormonal changes in your body during that time of your month make you feel more aroused. As a result, you’re likely to be hornier than usual. Your body is also naturally lubricated by the flow which makes sex easier and more pleasurable. Period sex can get very messy, though, and here’s what you can do to help with that.


Get new bed sheets

If you don’t want to stain your bed sheets, you can opt for rubber ones. Alternatively, you can cover your bed with old sheets you don’t mind getting messy during period sex.


How To Keep Period Sex Bloody Clean


Have some wet towels nearby

Preparation is important, so make sure you put some towels within easy reach. You can place them under you during period sex and also use them for clean up afterwards.


No beds necessary

You don’t have to worry about a bloody bed if you never use it, right? When the urge hits, have period sex in the shower. You can get as messy as you want and clean up will be a breeze. 


How To Keep Period Sex Bloody Clean



Wait till the flow is lighter

If you wait till your cycle is almost over before having period sex, you’ll definitely have very little blood to worry about. Less blood, less mess.


Switch up sex positions

One of the best positions for this is missionary. This is partly because lying on your back during sex lessens your blood flow. Another great position to try out is spooning or doggy style.



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