New Rule By Ezekiel Mutua Bans Playing Of Wamlambez & Tetema

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After a long silence, Ezekiel Mutua is back online causing waves. In his latest post, the Kenya Film Classification Board CEO has banned Wamlambez and Tetema  from being sung anywhere outside of clubs and bars.


The self appointed moral police went on to say that the lyrics of both songs were very dirty, even though the language was coded. He also mentioned that national leaders had been seen dancing to Wamlambez and Tetema, which he said was public obscenity. Ezekiel Mutua claimed that the songs ‘pure pornography’ and said that they should be restricted for adults only.


‘Wamlambez’ by Sailors was an instant hit and the phrase quickly became an unofficial Kenyan greeting. ‘Tetema’ by Tanzanian singer Diamond came out earlier this year and enjoyed massive airplay everywhere. 


Kenyans on Twitter were quick to ridicule the KFCB boss for what they termed as a futile exercise. Previous attempts by Ezekiel Mutua to ban music have instead caused the songs to be even more popular.


Featured Image Courtesy: Twitter



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