Scientists Derive Mathematical Fart Formula, Unveils The World’s Funniest Fart Sound (Video)

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Airborne toxic event. Air poop. Cut the cheese. Mshuto. Bottom burps. Trumps. One-man salutes. These are just a few of the slang used to refer to farts.

Scientists studied 176 different types of fart sounds from the ‘crack in the dam’, to the ‘tiny gust’ and even to the ‘squeaker’ and ‘thunder blunder.’

The world’s funniest fart sounds last four seconds and is embarrassing, scientists reveal.

The team which was led by Dr. Helen Pilcher, a neuroscientist did an in-depth analysis and drew up a mathematical formula.

The ground-breaking scientific study, commissioned by Beano, has sought an answer to the age-old question of what makes farting funny and reveals the world’s funniest fart sound.

The new in-depth study titled “The Flatulence Report” also finally unveils the mathematical formula to the wind most likely to have listeners laughing.

It reads F = (I x L) S x k divided by (A x g) where I stands for intensity in decibels, L for length in seconds and S for social embarrassment.

The letter k is a number of kids present and A the age of the listener.

G represents the gender factor — women’s farts are funnier, so multiply by 1.05.

The study ruled men find a guff five percent more funny than women.

Kids laugh at farts the most but their laughter spread to adults who scored rippers 25 percent higher when with children. The study found that fart among friends was found to be less funny.

Video Courtesy: YouTube BEANO XL

Featured Image Courtesy: The Sun



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