Co-Parenting Successfully: Be The Parent Your Child Needs

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It’s impossible to completely move on from a failed relationship when there are children involved. Sharing parenting duties with an ex is not easy, but co-parenting successfully is possible with these helpful tips.

Co-Parenting Successfully: Be The Parent Your Child Needs

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Put your child first

You may no longer feel like talking to or seeing your ex after an ugly breakup, but your child still needs them as a parent. Co-parenting successfully will greatly depend on you putting yourself in your child’s shoes and helping them get what they need from your ex. This may be quality time spent together, so you need to talk to your ex and arrange that. Try to include your ex in as many of your child’s activities as possible, especially when your child requests for it.

Open up communication with your ex

Co-parenting successfully means that you’ll be talking to your ex a lot as you come up with visitation schedules that work for everyone involved. You need to agree on the activities that your ex can do with your child during their time together. Finally, you must come up with common rules and guidelines on enforcing them when one of you isn’t around. Talk directly with your ex and avoid making your child the go-between.

Keep it civil

Co-parenting successfully after a breakup is really about setting a good example and letting your child know that they still have two parents they can count on. That means that you should never talk badly about your ex in front of them, no matter how tempting it may be. You should also not allow them to do it either. Choose your battles and avoid fighting with your ex in their presence.

Co-Parenting Successfully: Be The Parent Your Child Needs

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Solve problems immediately

Be open to airing out any parenting concerns as soon as they happen. If you feel like your ex is not taking the co-parenting responsibilities seriously, make sure that you bring up your concerns. Leaving problems unsolved will only increase resentment which could affect your child’s relationship with your ex.

Set boundaries

You and your ex need to set some rules on the precious time you spend with your child. This includes not interrupting each other’s time unless it’s unavoidable. Birthdays and holidays need to be factored in and planned for. You should also agree on how to handle extended family and significant others relationships.


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