What Never To Say To Breastfeeding Mothers

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To be perfectly honest, breastfeeding mothers has too much on their plates to also be worrying about what other people think. Most of the time people say something mean without knowing which causes a lot of hurt feelings. So if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all and leave these ignorant comments at home.

What Never To Say To Breastfeeding Mothers

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‘Breastfeeding really isn’t that hard, you know!’

Sometimes breastfeeding mothers can have problems with getting the baby to latch on or having enough milk supply. These things happen and are no one’s fault. Comments like these will discourage them and make them feel like they are doing everything wrong.This is the time that they need a lot of support. 

‘You’re still/you stopped breastfeeding?’

The only authority on when the breastfeeding process should start and stop should be the mother. Whatever her reasoning, it should be respected and not questioned by anyone. Not only is this question very insensitive, it also makes breastfeeding mothers feel guilty for not meeting some standard society has set for them.

‘Eww, why are you doing this in public?’

Despite breastfeeding being a completely natural act, many people still get offended when they see a mother nursing in public. Try to consider her feelings and the fact that she’s probably stressed out and tired. Don’t add to that by making such stupid comments, and just walk away if you feel like you can’t quiet.


What Never To Say To Breastfeeding Mothers

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‘You’re taking all the bonding time’

It’s true that there’s a strong bond between breastfeeding mothers and their babies, but that’s not the only way to create a bond. Bonding can occur by doing simple things with the baby, such as rocking, changing, playing with and talking to them. 


‘Your breasts will sag if you keep breastfeeding’

First of all, breasts will sag anyway because of age and gravity. Secondly, breastfeeding mothers do not usually get saggy breasts because the body has already prepared itself for breastfeeding during pregnancy. Finally, it’s for the mother to decide the best time to stop breastfeeding.


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