Birthday Month Celebrations That Don’t Involve Alcohol

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It’s officially Virgo season and if your birthday is coming up, you definitely have to celebrate it in style. That usually involves a lot of partying, alcohol, hangovers and forgotten memories. It’s still possible to have a fun-filled birthday  party without any alcohol. Besides, why not have your birthday month celebrations a little differently this year?

Birthday Month Celebrations That Don’t Involve Alcohol



Let out your competitive side and make your birthday month celebrations super colorful. Just gather your friends and go enjoy an afternoon or two of shooting each other with paint balls. Just remember to cover up, don’t aim for the face and make sure to capture all the memories.

Road trips

If you’ve ever wanted to go somewhere, then this is the perfect time. Just pack up what you need and hit the road. If you’re with friends, you can even offer to be the designated driver. You can even go camping if you’re feeling adventurous. You’ll get to discover new places as you celebrate your birthday.

Go on a food sampling tour

Instead of going on a bar crawl, why not try a food crawl for your birthday month celebrations instead? Just plan with your friends on the restaurants you want to go to and sample a meal from each. Also, you may get something for free if they find out it’s your birthday!

Birthday Month Celebrations That Don’t Involve Alcohol


It doesn’t always have to involve alcohol! Just have the cake, a great birthday menu, mocktails and a selection of your fave songs. Finally, you can rent out the space for some time for you and your party to enjoy to the max.

Movie night

This is a classic for your birthday month celebrations. You can invite people over to watch your favorite childhood movies together. Whether or not they come with food, don’t forget to have the popcorn and soda ready.



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