Simple First Dates That Will Totally Impress Him

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Hey ladies, did you know that September is ‘Take a Man On a Date’ month? Here’s the perfect chance to show that guy you like him. Not sure how to do it? Here are some great simple first dates that will really work for him.


Netflix and chill

Sometimes simple first dates are better. Men love a home cooked meal, so make him his favorite and invite him over. This will work best for a quiet indoors weekend when you have time to go all out. Plan for every little detail, including what will be playing in the background as you get to know each other better. 

Simple First Dates That Will Totally Impress Him

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What kind of music does he like? You can get him a ticket to a concert of his favorite band and go with him. He’ll be very impressed and you’ll likely learn a thing or two about what he loves. Plus, you’ll spend some time dancing with his arms around you. Simple first dates don’t get much better than this!


Brunch dates

Forget about the normal dinner dates. Brunch first dates are a great way to spend time together. They are also simply delicious moments that allow you to just enjoy each other. In addition, you’ll be able to talk and laugh without too much background noise and distractions. Just send him a ‘Get dressed, we’re going out’ text and watch the magic happen.


Simple First Dates That Will Totally Impress Him

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Go on an adventure

If he loves to be active and out and about, why not take him on a road trip? You can visit a different town and see the sites together. You can also go hiking, attend a festival or two, or even go to a sporting event. These kind of simple first dates will make sure that he never forgets you.


As simple first dates go, this one is a classic. Go all out and get his ticket, popcorn, soda, as well as anything else he’ll need for the full movie experience. Just be sure to choose a movie that he actually wants to watch, or let him decide.


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