Genius Invention By 12 Year Old To Help Save Children Trapped In Hot Cars

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There are times when you’re running errands with your child in a hurry and you leave them in the car alone. Whether intentional or by accident, it is completely unsafe. Temperatures inside the car can shoot up quickly even if it’s cold outside. Children can become trapped in hot cars and die.



After such an incident with a neighbor’s child, Bishop Curry from McKinney, Texas invented a device called the Oasis. When attached to a headrest or car seat, it works to detect if children have been left in the car alone as well as monitoring the temperature inside. If children have been trapped in hot cars, the device blows out cool air in addition to sending a message to parents and caregivers. If they don’t respond after a certain time, then local authorities are also alerted.

Genius Invention By 12 Year Old To Help Save Children Trapped In Hot Cars

Courtesy: CTV News


12 year old Bishop initially made a 3D model of the Oasis device two years ago with the help of his dad as they raised the money needed to manufacture the real product. They started crowdfunding with a target of $20,000, which also covered the patent documentation expenses. At the moment, more than $50,000 has been raised for Oasis on gofundme. 


Sadly, children trapped in hot cars is a reality we have to live with, especially with how hot 2019 has been so far. Oasis is a timely invention that will help prevent these tragic deaths and keep children safe.


Featured Image Courtesy: Natural Solution



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