5 Small Ways To Show Him Your Love

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Love is a beautiful thing, and being loved is the best. For some people, the three little words are enough. For others, a little more effort is required. You can show him your love in these simple ways. 


Be a good listener 

It takes a while for men to open up and share what’s on their mind. On the rare occasions that happens, take time to listen. He might be sharing his dreams with you, or a weird story he came across. No matter it is, giving him your undivided attention is how you show him your love. 

5 Small Ways To Show Him Your Love

Take him places

You probably know that September is take a man on a date month. Take him out and about around town, for example. What does he like? Is there some place you know that he’s been dying to go to? Plan a trip and take him there, for instance. As a result, he’ll appreciate that you’re making time to spend with him. Most importantly, paying attention to what he likes is how you’ll show him your love.

Cook for him

It’s been said time and again that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and we tend to agree. Show him your love by surprising him with a home cooked meal one of these fine days. As a result, your effort will make him very happy. You can get inspired by these lovely dishes if you’re not quite sure about what to make. 

5 Small Ways To Show Him Your Love

Buy him gifts

It doesn’t even have to be his birthday! Start sending him random just because gifts and he’ll know that you’ve been thinking about him. It can be anything, from his fave cologne, chocolates, or that M-Pesa message. In short, put a smile on his face and show him that he’s important to you.

Brag about him

No matter how confident he may seem, a man still needs to feel appreciated. So why not show him your love loudly and proudly? Talk him up in front of your friends and family. It can be about his accomplishments, as well as what a wonderful partner he’s been to you. Even if he’s not there, he’s bound to hear about it.




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