A 74 Years Old Indian Woman Has Given Birth To Twin Girls After IVF Treatment

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Children are born every day, and twins are not such a big deal nowadays. However, an Indian woman who has just given birth to twin girls has become a worldwide sensation. This is mostly because she’s currently 74 years old and shouldn’t even have been able to get pregnant. In what has come to be widely considered as a medical miracle, this was possible after extensive IVF treatment.



Erramatti Mangayamma comes from East Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh, where she lives with her husband Raja Rao. The couple has been childless till now since they got married in 1962. This caused her to suffer a lot of ridicule from the community and she started to look for solutions. 


The idea to start IVF treatments came from being inspired by another woman in the community who’d managed to conceive at 55 years old. The couple approached IVF experts at the Ahalya IVF Hospital at Guntur city last year. They agreed to help her only after tests where a medical board declared her heathy enough to go through the procedure. Due to the fact that she was past menopause, doctors obtained eggs from a donor and fertilised them with her husband’s sperm. The procedure was a success and Erramatti became pregnant in January. She delivered the twin girls, both weighing 2kgs, via C-section, with four doctors performing the sensitive operation. Both the babies are healthy and will be breastfed by egg donors. 


News that Erramatti had given birth to twin girls was met with mixed feelings in heer community. While some were happy for her, others claimed that she had done all this for the attention that comes from breaking a record. The family has come out to say that it is overjoyed with the good news.

Featured Image Courtesy: New York Post



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