Man Makes Heroic Catch Of Stranger’s Phone On Roller Coaster Ride

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Is this the greatest catch of all time?


The video of a man who caught the falling phone of a stranger on a roller coaster ride has gone viral.


The man who was identified as New Zealand fistball player Samuel Kempf was on the Shambhala roller coaster ride at PortAventura park, Spain. He was on vacation and having fun. That’s when he noticed that a person a few rows ahead had dropped his phone. He managed to capture the iPhone X in mid air when the roller coaster ride reached 80 mph and the phone flipped into the air.


His lightning quick reflexes were captured on the on-board camera. After the roller coaster ride, Samuel returned the phone to its owner, who showed his gratitude by buying a copy of the roller coaster video for him. Kempf later uploaded the video on his YouTube channel, which has gotten over 3 million views currently.


The video was also shared on various social media channels, with everyone calling the man a hero. In addition, they loved how incredible the catch was, and so did we!

It was definitely his lucky day and he was on a roll!

Featured Image Courtesy: YouTube



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