How To Make Spaghetti Dinners For The Whole Week

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If there’s a versatile meal that is super easy to prepare and tastes amazing, then it’s definitely spaghetti. Apart from the usual spaghetti and meatballs, there are so many other ways that you can enjoy your spaghetti. Wondering about how to make spaghetti for every day of the week? We have some ideas on that. Bon appétit!


You’ve probably had a really long, Monday blues filled day at work and aren’t in the mood to make anything complicated for dinner. Why not think about how to make spaghetti simply delicious by adding some garlic and dhania? This recipe will take you minutes to prepare and needs no special cooking skills to come out great. Better yet, you can use the same pot so less dishes for you!


Still don’t know what to make for your spaghetti dinner on Tuesday? Try this spaghetti and sausages recipe. If you’re alone, you’ll probably just need three sausages that you will cut up and include in your meal. Make sure you make more than you need because you’ll definitely be back for seconds.


Don’t let any leftover veggies go to waste! Wednesday is all about making your spaghetti wholesome and delicious. While this recipe calls for specific vegetables, you can add any you feel like. Just make sure that the spaghetti is precooked first and you’ll be good to go. 


Thursday is a pretty chill day, and so should your spaghetti dinner be! Just get some red peppers and go try this delicious vegan option. Not only will it look great, you’ll have a very filling meal in minutes.


Who doesn’t love Fridays? Celebrate the end of another work week with a colorful and very delicious spaghetti dinner. Forget about making meatballs and just use the mince meat as is, as you add mushrooms and spaghetti. This one pot meal is a delicious delight, and your taste buds will thank you.


It’s the weekend, baby! That means you have the time to find cooking inspiration on the Internet and try out some more complicated recipes. Thinking about how to make a great spaghetti dinner on Saturday for yourself, your family and guests? Just bake it! This is not as complicated as it sounds, trust us!


Sunday is about winding down and resting up for the week ahead. Go with a simple spaghetti dinner, like this one. The combination of chicken, bacon and spinach in the meal makes this a sure Sunday night winner.

NOTE: These are just suggestions on how to make easy spaghetti dinners a staple in your home for every day of the week. You can customize the recipes as much as you’d like or change up the days. Enjoy!

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