Singer Burna Boy Refunds Money & Throws Fan Out Of Show

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Burna Boy has been having a great 2019 so far, from winning a BET award to performing at Coachella. In addition, he has been doing songs and shows with other world acclaimed artistes. Furthermore, his songs have been used as soundtracks in popular series, and his efforts have also been formally recognized by The Grammys. However, this is not whatโ€™s making Burna Boy go viral today.


A video shared on social media recently shows Burna Boy kicking a fan out of his show in Atlanta. The popular Nigerian singer was captured as he asked the unknown man to get out and leave space for true fans at the front. Burna Boy also called the manโ€™s face discouraging and reached into his pocket to refund his ticket money.


This incident is thought to have been provoked by the fact that the man was just standing around and not singing along to the performance. Burna Boy then went on to insist that he worked very hard to make his true fans happy. In addition, he said that if anyone was just there to stand, then they should have gone to church instead.

Singer Burna Boy Refunds Money & Throws Fan Out Of Show

Courtesy: ApolloTheater

Fans of Burna Boy were quick to take to social media to defend his actions, as well as disagree with how the whole situation was handled. This comes barely a day after his new single with Jorja Smith was released, which has more than 600,000 views on YouTube already.


Featured Image Courtesy: Essence



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