This Is What Kenya Airways Had To Say About Plane Held Together By Duct Tape

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You’ve probably heard people say that something is ‘held together by duct tape and prayers’. Well, it seems that Kenya Airways took that a little too literally. At least according to a recently leaked pic!

Kenya Airways Plane Held Together By Duct Tape Raises Major Concerns

Courtesy: Facebook

The photo was first shared by Facebook user Titus Gateri. It showed part of a plane which appeared to be held together by silver duct tape. The plane was enroute to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and in the caption Titus appeared worried about the safety of being in a plane held together by tape.


On its part, Kenya Airways confirmed that the plane was theirs. In a series of tweets today, they also explained that the tape used was not ordinary duct tape despite the similar appearance. What was captured on the photos is called speed tape, which is usually used to do minor repairs on aircraft and racing cars. It is an aluminum pressure-sensitive tape that sticks to aircraft fuselage and wings, and can withstand heat, rain, wind and other challenging conditions that aircraft are exposed to during flights. 


It is used as a temporary measure before more permanent repairs can be done. It can only be applied by mechanics and other aircraft experts, and these guidelines must be followed by airline operators to avoid fines from regulators. Using speed tape the right way, like Kenya Airways did, is completely safe. 


This is not the first time that passengers have panicked after seeing what looked like duct tape holding their planes together. Maybe the speed tape manufacturers should come up with a new color or something!


Featured Image Courtesy: Business Traveler



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