5 Questions Lactose Intolerant People Are Sick Of Being Asked

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So you can take dairy products and your body is okay. Yaaay, good for you! For lactose intolerant people, however, this is not possible. Their bodies cannot break down lactose, a natural sugar found in most dairy products. While that limits their food choices, they also have to deal with some pretty insensitive comments from other people. Here are some annoying things you should stop saying to them.


#1. Are you sure you’re really lactose intolerant? 

Even when symptoms are evident and doctors have made a diagnosis, many people still make lactose intolerant people feel like it’s all in their minds. Besides, who would willingly choose to never drink milk or eat most types of cakes and ice cream ever again?

#2. Just order whatever, what’s the big deal?

Eating out is an extreme sport for lactose intolerant people. They have to be extra careful that their food contains no dairy, including butter. In addition, they usually have to give special cooking instructions which may take time. Furthermore, most dessert options are a no-no for them.

#3. That’s a lot of money for groceries, don’t you think?

Since lactose intolerance means staying away from dairy products like milk and yogurt, there are dairy free alternatives available. However, many of these, like almond milk and bio yogurt, are very expensive.

#4. Can your stomach be less loud? Thanks.

Lactose intolerant people cannot help the fact that their stomachs keep making growling noises. This happens because the body cannot process lactose and they end up bloated and gassy. 

#5. Why do you keep running to the bathroom?

One of the symptoms of lactose intolerance is diarrhea and farting. So if a lactose intolerant person ingests some dairy, they’ll probably spend a lot of time in the bathroom.


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