New Zealand Man Clowns Around While Being Fired

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You probably know of support animals, but what about an emotional support clown? This is what a New Zealand man brought with him while being fired.


Comedian Josh Thompson was then working at an advertising agency as a copywriter. He knew something was wrong when he got an email from his bosses to come to a meeting to discuss his role. To soften the blow, he decided to come with the best support person out there: a clown. So he went out and hired one for NZ$200. According to him, this was a bit expensive but he wanted only the best.


This story went viral when Josh shared a picture of the meeting, as well as why the clown was there on social media. He instantly became a hero and an inspiration, with many people praising his actions.

New Zealand Man Clowns Around While Being Fired

Courtesy: CTV News

The emotional support clown, known simply as Joe, sat in the meeting as Josh talked with the HR manager. He also blew up balloons and folded them into animals, including poodles and unicorns, during the meeting. At some point, the clown made so much noise that he had to be told to be quiet from time to time. When the New Zealand man was officially fired, the clown mimed crying which his former bosses found very entertaining.


New Zealand Man Clowns Around While Being Fired

Courtesy: iHeartRadio

While an emotional support clown may be unusual, employers in New Zealand are legally required to let employees bring a support person to cushion the blow of losing a job. As for the New Zealand man, even though he ended up jobless, he recommends using an emotional support clown anytime. He also got another job offer almost immediately after the story broke out, so it all worked out for him.


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