Miniskirt Gets Akothee Thrown Out Of Parliament

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‘’My skirt is not short, my legs are too long for the skirt.’’ This is what Akothee had to say when she was recently brought parliament to a complete standstill.

In a video that’s since gone viral, she caused quite a stir when she went to parliament in a miniskirt. Parliament Standing Orders dictate that knees must be covered at all times, and orders were quickly given to find her a leso to cover them.


Madam Boss had gone to parliament to seek support for the launch of Akothee Foundation to help with her Turkana humanitarian aid efforts. She was a guest of MP David Ole Sankok, chairman of National Council of Persons living with disabilities. She was conservatively dressed in a lime-green suit with a miniskirt. 


No stranger to controversy, Akothee took to Instagram to share news of the ordeal which also saw her being denied access to the ‘Members Only’ restaurant within parliament until she covered up. She found the whole situation humorous, and even took a few minutes to interact with her fans.


This comes only weeks after a female legislator was also thrown out of Parliament after bringing a child.


Here are some KOT reactions to the viral video:




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