An All Boys Weekend Road Trip Starter Pack

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It’s the weekend, baby! That means that you don’t have to stay in Nairobi. There are so many beautiful spots everywhere perfect for a weekend away. So get your boys, and your road trip starter pack, and go explore Kenya.


#1. Sunglasses

Don’t be scared of looking shady!


#2. Hats

The sun is not your friend. Speaking of….


#3. Sunscreen


Ata kama hutumiangi lotion, make sure you don’t leave this behind.


#4. Money

To buy stuff, get into places or burn. Okay, you don’t really need to do the last one!


#5. Snacks

What’s a road trip starter pack without some munchies for the cravings?


#6. Alcohol

Not for the driver, though!


#7. Nyama choma

Whether you cook it yourselves or stop somewhere, meaty adventures await!


#8. Shorts 

Leave work mode behind and activate weekend road trip mode.


#9. Flip flops

The good news is that these will hardly take any space, plus, you’ll look super chill.


Last but definitely not least….

#10. Awesome playlist

Sing along, dance, whatever…. Jibambe brathe!




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