Bend Your Mind With These Shape Shifting Sculptures

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What makes art beautiful to you? Is it the colors? The artist? The hype? Maybe it’s the story behind the creation process. With these shape shifting sculptures, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Literally.


Shape shifting isn’t something new. You’ve seen or heard about it for years in books and on TV. You know how it goes- human turns into animal, animal turns into human. While very fascinating, it gets boring after a while. Shape shifting sculptures are an interesting new twist to this old concept.

Bend Your Mind With These Shape Shifting Sculptures

Courtesy: Laughing Squid

Also known as anamorphic sculptures, these are works of art that seem to be one thing but then transform into something else once the perspective changes. This means that even taking a few steps away to the side will give you a completely different image from what you initially saw. 


One of the best in the world at creating shape shifting sculptures is French artist Matthieu Robert-Ortis. He creates hand twisted wire shape shifting sculptures that captivate audiences all over the world. His work is heavily influenced by nature, and how all things are connected. His most famous sculpture, ‘The Revolution of Giraffes’ starts as two wire giraffes. Once the viewer changes perspective, however, it morphs into an elephant.


Watch more of his work here:


Featured Image Courtesy: Malay Mail



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