Of Strictly Silk & The Importance Of Fun, Safe Spaces For Women

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If Strictly Silk could only be described in one sentence, it would be this:


It is a beautiful thing when women come together to have fun and enjoy themselves. When they feel safe and free to let go and be themselves. Where they can dance the night away in a magical space filled with other women and enbys. This is what happened at the Strictly Silk all women dance party on Saturday.

Of Strictly Silk & The Importance Of Fun, Safe Spaces For Women

Courtesy: Twitter

The women only party was started as a way to give women a fun, safe space to go out and fully enjoy themselves at night. As many women have no doubt experienced, going out and having fun in mixed clubs is usually a terrible experience. Women are mostly reduced to warm bodies who are just there to fulfill a man’s desires in mixed clubs. If a man sees you dancing alone, then he automatically assumes you want him to grind on you. If you leave your drink unattended, it is likely to be spiked by a man who may then rape or kill you.  Apart from worrying about what to wear, women are also always told to be careful to not go out at night because predatory men are waiting to pounce on them. Is it any wonder then that women showed up in full force at Strictly Silk?


Women from all walks of life dressed up for themselves without worry at the 3rd edition of the Strictly Silk party. They came with the beauty, the glamour and the leftover Hot Girl Summer vibes. The party which was held at Ikigai Westlands started at 5pm and ended at around 11:30pm. The women only space was filled to capacity and everyone was having fun dancing along to the music by the female deejays. There was plenty of food and drink, and women were free to dance and not worry about leaving their drinks unattended. Everyone, including all the vendors and the security, were female. Strictly Silk also partnered with Uber for 50% off rides to make sure all the women got home safely.


While the concept of women only spaces is not new, many of them are for religious purposes. Fun, safe spaces for women like Strictly Silk are desperately needed. It’s about time that being happy, having fun as women and staying safe were one and the same thing. 


Featured Image Courtesy: The Nest Collective




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