Rapper Snoop Dogg Makes Pastor Ng’ang’a Go International

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While Pastor Ng’ang’a is famous in Kenya mostly for his shenanigans with his church members, he is an unknown globally. That is, until Snoop Dogg recently posted one of his viral videos on his Instagram account.

Rapper Snoop Dogg Makes Pastor Ng’ang’a Go International

Courtesy: Twitter

Rapper Snoop Dogg captioned the post ‘ When u late on the offering money. The. Rev needs his’. In the video, the Neno Evangelism Centre founder is seen slapping church members while ‘casting out demons’. Pastor Ng’ang’a starts out by slapping a young boy, and then transfers ‘the anointing’ of the ‘miraculous touch’ to the other congregants. The video had previously been shared widely in Kenya, but this is the first time it has gotten international attention.


Pastor Ng’ang’a is not new to controversy, especially when it comes to viral videos. Many people have questioned his style of preaching, leadership and why people keep going to his church. In addition, he has defended himself against allegations that he insulted his male congregants in a recent clip by saying that his comments were taken out of context. He blamed former members of his church for spreading the video clip with bad intentions. He further stated that his church members knew the real him and that was why they kept coming back.


Many of Snoop Dogg’s followers found the video disturbingly funny, with most saying that they would slap Pastor Ng’ang’a back should that happen to them. The video shared by Snoop Dogg has had more than a million views currently on Instagram. Kenyans on Twitter also had their own funny reactions to it:


Update: The original post on Snoop Dogg’s Instagram account has since been deleted.

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