This Kenyan Actress Is Breaking The Internet With Her Amazing Baby Bump Photos

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Social media has been used for many things, and today it was used to announce that a Kenyan actress is expecting a baby soon. Kenyans were treated to the beautiful sight of Catherine Kamau’s baby bump photos which were posted on all her social media channels. In the photos, she’s literally glowing as she poses in a sheer pink gown.


Catherine, popularly known as Kate Actress, is a well-known face on Kenyan TV. She has starred in many series and movies, most notably as Sue on Sue na Johnnie and Selina on Mother-in-Law. In addition, she is also involved in various campaigns, including being the Harpic brand ambassador in Kenya. This will be her second child after becoming a mum at 19.


The baby bump photos also include her husband Phillip Karanja. The couple got married in 2017 and have had to fight off rumors that Kate may be infertile for years due to the fact that she didn’t conceive immediately. However, the couple have maintained that they were both planning for the perfect time to have a child. In one of the captions, Catherine thanks him for being a pillar of support and for his patience as being a teen mum had really affected her. Phil, who is also an actor and director, also posted the news of the pregnancy on social media. He expressed excitement over the new path his life was about to take.


While news of the pregnancy was supposed to be a secret, the couple later changed their minds. As Kate explained in a caption, she shared the baby bump photos to encourage hopeful mums, rainbow mums and career women who are trying to decide between their family and goals.


Kenyans on Twitter are really loving the baby bump photos. Here are some reactions:


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