How To Order Wine At Kenyan Restaurants

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Love may make the world go round but so does wine. Literally. If you’re not used to drinking it, it can be quite tricky to order wine at Kenyan restaurants. So what happens if you’re on a date or a business meeting looking to impress? Pull out your wine glasses and let’s take a look at 5 things you should consider. 

Cheap vs Expensive

It’s a common fact that restaurants mark up the prices of wine. Don’t be shocked to find it costs you more than twice as much to order wine at Kenyan restaurants than if you buy the wine at home. In addition, the wine price list usually has some relatively cheap, and also really expensive, options that you can explore. Note that a cheap wine doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s bad, and vice versa.

How To Order Wine At Kenyan Restaurants

Bottle or Glass

A glass of wine is more or less  a ¼ of the whole bottle. Therefore, if you think you’ll be taking more than four glasses of wine in one sitting, then it’s more economical to just get the whole bottle. However, you can play around with different flavors when you order wine at Kenyan restaurants by the glass.

Food Pairings

The kind of wine you order at Kenyan restaurants depends a lot on the type of food you’ll be eating and how it will be prepared. White wine goes really well with light fish dishes and delicate sauces. On the other hand, red wine pairs well with light meat and poultry dishes, as well as heavy sauces. Sweet wines are best paired with dessert and spicy food.

How To Order Wine At Kenyan Restaurants

Do Some Research Before

If you know where you’re going in advance, it helps to check on the type of wine they have. This will also inform your budget for the night, and you can make any special requests then. You can do this by checking the restaurant’s website or calling them. 

Asking For Recommendations

It’s okay to ask for help. No one expects you to know everything when you order wine at Kenyan restaurants. You can ask for the server’s or a companion’s recommendations before making a decision.



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