Pastor Ng’ang’a Hits Back At ‘Sniffu’ Dogg In New Video

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Pastor Ng’ang’a refuses to stop trending! He has now come out with a new video where he sends a warning to Snoop Dogg. This comes days after the rapper shared a video of pastor Ng’ang’a on his Instagram account.


In the new video, the Neno Evangelism Centre founder mentions that he heard about the viral video that Snoop Dogg posted. It has since been deleted after getting more than 1 million views on Instagram. In addition, Pastor Ng’ang’a also warns Snoop Dogg to stick to rapping and making international music. Finally, he asks the rapper to leave him alone.


Of course, Kenyans on Twitter had a blast with this new drama:

*Stay tuned for Snoop Dogg’s comeback and any other new developments in this story.

Featured Image Courtesy: Hivisasa




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