5 Things Every Man Must Carry In His Backpack

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Let’s be honest, women will always have more things in their bags than men. However, this doesn’t mean that men can just walk around with nothing but what’s in their pockets. Even if they don’t want to sometimes, this is what every man must carry in his backpack.

Phone and accessories

This one’s pretty obvious! You’ll probably leave the house holding your phone, but don’t forget to toss the charger and earphones or headphones into your backpack. In addition, place your phone where you can easily reach it inside your bag.

5 Things Every Man Must Carry In His Backpack


A man’s wallet will probably be very thin, but it is an essential thing to have in your backpack. This is where you’ll put your money, important documents and business cards. Don’t forget to include credit cards, as well as emergency contact info just in case it gets lost. 


Have you ever left your keys somewhere, and you couldn’t even remember where? If so, then a backpack will definitely come in handy. You can make sure that your bag has a zippered pocket to keep your keys in.

5 Things Every Man Must Carry In His Backpack

Flash drive/Hard disk

It’s not really hard to see why a man must carry this in his backpack. Whether for work or those impromptu Netflix and chill dates, you should be able to share large files and movies at all times. These items are fragile, so take care when you put them in your bag.

Deo and breath freshener

Smelling good at all times will make you feel confident and ready to take on the world. Have a small stick of deo in your backpack and you won’t need to worry about disgusting sweat stains all the time. If you’re worried about bad breath also, have some gum to chew on especially after eating.


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