Khali Cartel 3 Is Out, & Papa Jones Is Coming For Everyone!

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Papa Jones has done it again! In what has been one of the most-anticipated Kenyan music releases of 2019, Khali Cartel 3 is finally here. The ten-minute cypher was dropped today by rapper Khaligraph Jones. It features upcoming rappers Bey T, Breeder Lw, Silverstone Barz, as well as Rekless of Ethic Entertainment and veteran rapper Chiwawa.


Khali Cartel 3 is among a series of epic freestyling recordings that Khaligraph Jones started to shine a spotlight on the best of Kenya’s MCees. The first Khali Cartel dropped in March last year and featured Span Kon, Don Jowlz, Petra and Sagini. Khali Cartel 2 came out in December of the same year with names like Steph Kapella, Twenny Eights, Timmy Blanco, Katapilla and Xtatic.


The new Khali Cartel video is set in a courtroom where Khaligraph is the lawyer who gives everyone a chance to testify. Each of the rappers brings out their sickest flow, as they talk about their grievances with people who take their money without working for it. They also touch on politics and crime.


Khali Cartel 3 started trending immediately it came out, and it’s not hard to see why Kenyans love it so much.The beat and the flow make this arguably one of the best cyphers in Africa. In less than 12 hours, it has more than 60K views on YouTube.

We can’t wait to see what The OG has planned for us next!


Featured Image Courtesy: YouTube



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