How To Know If He’s Commitment Shy

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So you meet this guy and he seems like everything you’ve ever wanted. He says all the right things and he does what you’ve always dreamed of. Problem is, you don’t really know what he feels about you and your relationship. If you don’t want to ask, here’s 5 ways you can know that he’s commitment shy.


You’re always making the plans

Are you the one who always plans your dates and when you’ll see each other again? If you answered yes, then it may be time for you to say goodbye to this relationship. A commitment shy man never wants to make any plans in advance so that he’s never tied up with anything.

He always wants to keep it ‘casual’

Many men dread the ‘what are we’ question, especially commitment shy men. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together, he’ll give you vague non-answers when you ask this. In addition, he’s likely to get very defensive and accuse you of nagging.

He cancels on you at the last minute

Commitment shy men are very flaky. When you make plans, he will probably use a very flimsy excuse to not show up. It doesn’t matter if it was a simple date or a trip somewhere, you can never be sure if they’ll show up or not.

He leaves you on read all the time

How are those blue ticks looking today? When you sent him a text today, he’s likely to reply two days later with the ‘I slept early’ excuse or something like that. You’ll also not be able to reach him at all sometimes, even if you call.

You’ll never meet his friends or family

A commitment shy man has very clear lines dividing all the relationships in his life. He doesn’t let his friends mix with his family or vice versa. As for you, meeting anyone else in his life will be almost impossible. If it does happen by accident, he may not not even introduce you. Alternatively, he’ll just say your name and leave it there.



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