Stay Away From The Babies With This New Japan Airlines Booking Feature

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Ushaipanda mat ukienda mbali but you really couldn’t enjoy the trip because of the screaming baby next to you? Now imagine that, but worse! You’re now on a plane with hours left to your trip and there’s a baby that won’t stop crying next to you. It’s not like you can jump out or say ushukishwe hapo mbele, right? Well, that’s something you can now avoid with a new Japan Airlines booking feature.

Stay Away From The Babies With This New Japan Airlines Booking Feature

Courtesy: Mothership


Japan Airlines has come up with a new feature which allows you to avoid sitting near babies. By using its website’s seat selection feature, you can tell where children will be seated and choose whether to sit there or not. Seats booked for children between 8 days and 2 years old will be marked by a child icon.


This news was met with a lot of mixed reactions from netizens. While many felt that Japan Airlines made the right move, others were very skeptical. As one user put it, someone with a child could book the seat next to yours after you’ve already selected yours.


However, Japan Airlines was quick to clarify that this feature wouldn’t work if the tickets were booked on any other platform apart from their website. In addition, the child icon will not appear if the seats are booked as part of a tour, or if there’s a change in aircraft.


Japan Airlines is not the first carrier in Asia to offer baby free options to its passengers. AirAsia X in Malaysia has an option where you can purchase tickets in a quiet zone that doesn’t allow children under 10 years old. In addition, some flights by Singaporean airline Scoot have a silence zone where no kids under 12 can sit.




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