Why Was Starehe Girls Shut Down Suddenly?

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Starehe Girls Centre has today been closed down after an unidentified disease started going around the school. The disease had flu-like symptoms, such as a high pitched cough, sneezing and a low grade fever. At the time of closure, 52 Starehe Girls students who were most affected were bedridden and quarantined.

Starehe Girls Shut Down After Mysterious Disease Outbreak

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In a statement issued by the school on Monday, the management stated that, ‘The Starehe Girls Centre Community confirms that there has been an increasing number of cases presenting with an unknown cause of high-pitched cough, sneezing and low-grade fever amongst some of the students, 52 girls have since been isolated for observation within the school’. In addition, samples of the disease at Starehe Girls have been collected by doctors from the Integrated Disease Surveillance Response Department. These are now being analysed by the Kenya Medical Research Institute (Kemri) and the Centre for Disease Control.

Starehe Girls Shut Down After Mysterious Disease Outbreak

Courtesy: Twitter


The school’s director, Sister Jane Soita, also said that the situation was minor and that the test results were expected soon. In the meantime, the school was closed down upon recommendation by the Ministry of Health. This period will be used for ‘further personal centered intervention for the affected students, psycho-social support in their recovery and social connectedness to their familial support system’, according to a letter sent to the school on October 2.


Starehe Girls Centre students are set to resume studies on Monday, 7 October 2019.


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