5 Drinking Games To Get You Turnt On Friday Night

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It’s Friday so you’re probably looking for ways to turn up and let loose. This will probably involve lots of fun, alcohol and a killer hangover tomorrow. If you want to spice up your Friday drinking plans, here are some drinking games to try out with your friends tonight.

Drunk Jenga

It’s one of the best drinking games out there. You’ll need lots of alcohol and a game of Jenga. Start with the same amount of shots for everyone, and then each loser for every round takes more shots. It’s like regular Jenga, but the pieces will start spinning after a few shots.

Never Have I Ever

When it comes to drinking games that never get old, this one definitely tops the list. It’s basically a bunch of innocent and not so innocent questions that you’ll answer with have or have not. If you have, you take a shot. It’s guaranteed to make you really drunk really fast. Plus, who knows what new interesting things you’ll find out about your friends?


Forget strip poker! These playing cards come with their own rules printed on them. This can be anything, including telling to drink more alcohol or do a dare. The beauty of this is that as long as everyone who picks up a card does what it says, the party won’t be stopping anytime soon.

Water or vodka

Can you really tell the difference at first glance? This is what makes this spin the bottle with a twist drinking game so amazing. Just take lots of glasses and put water in half and vodka in the others. Then spin the bottle and drink from whichever glass it stops at. Fun, right?

TV fun

You can never run out of fun drinking games with this one. Simply get your friends , alcohol and agree on a show where you’ll all drink when something happens. It can be anything, like when the characters are all together in the same scene or say a certain catchphrase.


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