Beyoncé Tested For Breast Cancer After Dad’s Diagnosis

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As we celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month this October, the Beyhive was recently rocked with some sad news. Matthew Knowles, father of singing sensations Beyoncé and Solange Knowles, has been diagnosed with breast cancer. He made this announcement when he appeared on Good Morning America show. Due to the hereditary risk factor, this prompted Beyoncé to also get screened for breast cancer and see if she also carried the potentially fatal gene mutation.



Matthew learned about the breast cancer results earlier this year. He went to get tested when he started bleeding through his shirt and sheets. In addition, Matthew suspected that he had breast cancer because he was surrounded by risk factors. His worst fears were confirmed when he got a mammogram done and the results came back. He immediately got surgery and a BRCA test, a genetic test which shows if a person has a higher risk of developing breast cancer. The test also revealed that his kids have a 50- to 70-percent chance of getting the BRCA mutation and breast cancer, whether male or female. 


This is not the first case of breast cancer in Beyoncé‘s family. A maternal aunt died of breast cancer, as well as two cousins. Other risk factors for Matthew Knowles included years of past working experience at the Xerox medical division, which may have affected his body. Upon getting the diagnosis, Matthew Knowles immediately called his kids with the news. Tests done on both Beyoncé and Solange came out negative for the mutated gene linked to cancer.

Beyoncé Tested For Breast Cancer After Dad's Diagnosis

Courtesy: The Independent


Matthew Knowles is best known for bringing Destiny’s Child into the spotlight and introducing the world to Queen Beyoncé. She is one of the greatest entertainers of all time, as well as having a very dedicated Beyhive fan base. Beyoncé is currently riding high with the success of her Lion King: The Gift album, and her Homecoming documentary.


While it is rare for men to get breast cancer, it does happen. However, it is still very much seen as a disease for women, so many men feel shame when they get it and don’t talk about it. In his words, Matthew Knowles is now ‘looking at life differently’ and hopes to use his platform to encourage more men to speak up about their breast cancer diagnosis and get help. 


At the moment, there is still no word yet from Beyoncé’s team about this recent development.


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