Indian Man Undergoes Devil Of A Surgery To Remove Horn

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Remember all those games you played as kids where you tried to scare each other with the devil? Well, an Indian man has just had surgery to remove a devil horn on top of  his head. The four inch devil horn started growing around five years ago.


The 74-year old man, Shyam Lal Yadav, revealed that the devil horn started growing after he bumped his head. Initially, his barber helped him to cut and maintain it. However, it soon became too hard and got so long that he had to seek medical attention.

Indian Man Undergoes Devil Of A Surgery To Remove Horn

Courtesy: Metro


Doctors identified the growth as a sebaceous horn, which is made of keratin found in toenails and human hair. This type of growth is usually benign in nature and can be removed with a sterile razor. Some of the treatments used may include surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Neurosurgeons at Bhagyoday Tirth Hospital in Sagar City, were able to successfully remove the lump. Afterwards, skin was grafted on the wound and Shyam is now expected to make a full recovery. In addition, he spend ten days at the hospital recovering from the surgery.


While the cause for the devil horn is still unclear, it is believed that exposure to radiation or sunlight can also trigger the condition. This type of growth is very rare, and details of Shyam’s case were sent to the International Journal of Surgery for further investigation. 


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