Tusker Oktobafest: The Good, The Better And The Beer

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This past weekend, Kenyans trooped in their numbers to the Ngong Racecourse grounds. They went to have a pint or two at Tusker Oktobafest as they bask in the ever fizzing vibrance that comes with Kenya culture and its people brought together.

Tusker Oktobafest: The Good, The Better And The Beer


The event was organized by Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) under its flagship brand Tusker. It brought together lead Kenyan musicians and deejays who kept the crowd on their feet all weekend. Flying under an all Kenyan theme, it came to seem like a fitting term to call it the ‘Kenyan Festive-all’.


The main stage, the centre of attraction that hosted top Kenyan acts like Nviiri, Bensoul, Fena, Kansoul, Chris Kaiga (of zimenice), Sailors, Ethic, Jua Cali, Dj Hypnotic and finally closed by Sauti Sol on Saturday night. On Sunday, the stage was graced by DJ Kace, Nadia Mukami, H-art the band, Khaligraph Jones, Nyashinski and DJ Joe Mfalme. The hype and honest outpouring of unashamed adoration from the audience toward these local acts.

Tusker Oktobafest : The Good, The Better And The Beer


Watching Jua Cali perform his new song “Wale Mang’aa” alongside Ethics’ SWAT felt so surreal; a perfect marriage of Kenya’s old and the new and the ever growing Kenyan style of music whose hits only seem to be getting better with every new track pushed out.



The OG, Khaligraph Jones, on his end felt it fair to wow his audience by making it rain money in typical hiphop fashion. This is what you missed out!


Sauti Sol, alongside Sol generation artists like Nviiri and Bensoul, in their usual fashion performed to well oiled crowd of who could not seem to hide their feminine adoration for the stars by throwing a bunch of brassiers to stage. The soulful music, the confetti and fire flames that punctuated Sauti Sol’s performance easily qualified their act as the highlight of Tusker Oktobafest. 


Kenyan delicacies that go well with beer fueled events were on sale at nearly every stand and Kenyans were down for a great time. New beer brands like Guinness’ Hop House and Sikera the new apple cider flavoured drink took this opportunity to make their names known to the Nairobi beer drinking populace.


And from us Afromaisha its only fair to say that TuskerOktobaFest was a huge success!


Now we wait for Fena Gitu’s new album that is set to be released on the 13th October at the Alchemist!


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