5 Shows For Kenyans To Binge Watch All Week

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It’s another week and there’s a lot going on. Between work, school , home and still celebrating ‘Kingchoge’s’ win, who even has time to create a list of binge-worthy shows? Don’t worry, here’s what all Kenyans will binge watch this week.

The Good Place season 4 – Netflix

Holy forking shirt balls! The final season of The Good Place looks so amazing!

Evil season premiere – CBS

Where does evil come from, and what foes science vs religion say about it?

Mixed-ish season 1 – ABC

This Black-ish spin-off follows the life of Rainbow and how she grew up.

Insatiable season 2 – Netflix

Grab your tiaras and get ready to take another dive into crazy town!

Big Little Lies season 2 – HBO

With such a star-studded cast, season 2 is really raising the stakes!

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