5 Bad Money Spending Habits You Need To Stop Doing

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Let’s face it. There are those parte after parte days where money is flowing and you feel good. There are also other days unatembea ukikumbuka kuna food nyumbani because mwezi iko corner and money is really tight. However, what you have probably not realized is that you may have some bad spending habits that are just wasting your money. Here are some things you should stop doing.

Shopping without a budget

Bad spending habits happen a lot when you’re out shopping without a plan. It’s very easy to get distracted and buy things you don’t need when you don’t have a budget. In addition, you should also carry a list so that you make sure that you get everything.

Eating out 

Eating out once in a while is not a bad thing. However, you’ll get into some serious bad spending habits if you do it all the time. This is because food in restaurants is overpriced to cover many hidden costs. Instead, save some money and buy the raw ingredients to make yourself whatever you want to eat.


Again, going out to have fun once in a while is not a bad thing. Lakini in this economy, you have to be a bit smarter in how you spend your money. Don’t be tempted kuchafua meza for random strangers then start begging for money the next day! Whenever possible, split the bills for drinks, food and cab fare with your group when you go out so you can save some money.

Using your credit card

It’s pretty convenient to just swipe your card everywhere, isn’t it? However, it’s also very easy to spend more money than was planned for because you cannot actually see it disappearing. To get out of these bad spending habits, try carrying just enough cash to get through the day. This way you’ll know what your limits are and you’ll not be tempted to spend more than needed.

Paying for unused memberships

Do you really need to be signed up to more than two music and TV shows streaming platforms? When’s the last time you read all those magazines you’re subscribed to? Every month some money is deducted from your credit card to pay for those subscriptions, whether or not you actually use them or not. That’s money you could save for something else, so cancel all the subscriptions you don’t need!

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