10 Beautiful Abandoned Places In The World To Travel To

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Abandoned but never forgotten, these ¬†places are hauntingly beautiful and will make you feel some type of way. So if you’re making travel plans, start with these beautiful abandoned places.

  1. 1 Kolmanskop, The Namib desert

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    If you needed another reason to travel to Namibia, then go and take a look at its beautiful abandoned places. This town was founded in 1908 after diamond was found in the area, then abandoned in 1954 when resources were exhausted. Now the pretty houses just stay empty and get filled with sand.

  2. 2 Kilchurn Castle, Scotland

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    Many travellers go here for the fantastic photos they'll take, and it's not hard to see why! Once the home of the most powerful people in Scotland in the 1400s, this castle was later abandoned in the 1700s.


Featured Image Courtesy: BlazePress

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