How To Maintain Your Privacy On Social Media

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Social media. The land of good banter, amazing opportunities and ease of communication with anyone anywhere in the world. However, social media is also the land of cyber bullies, criminals and people who really don’t know how to mind their business. So how can you maintain your privacy on social media? Try these 5 ways and take back control.


Change your privacy settings

If your social media posts have a target audience, then you need to keep it that way. You can limit the people who see your posts by making your account private. This way you can also vet online strangers and decide whether to allow them to view or not.


How To Maintain Your Privacy On Social Media

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Limit your posts

You don’t always have to be online, you know! There’s a whole world out there just waiting for you to explore. If you really want to maintain your privacy on social media, it’s wise to have a limit on the number of times you post, so you have a less online footprint.


Check on what you’re posting 

While online strangers may sometimes feel very familiar and like they know you, they really don’t. Actually, most times many are just waiting for ‘tea’, or a personal detail that they can use against you. You’ll maintain your privacy on social media by keeping everything fun and superficial online, and leaving any personal details like phone numbers and where you live off social media.


How To Maintain Your Privacy On Social Media

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Separate your accounts

Like many people online, you’ve probably divided your social media accounts into different audiences. That means that the content you post on one might not necessarily work on another. To maintain that and make sure that no one sees what they are not supposed to, make sure that your accounts are not linked with each other. You can change this in your Settings anytime and prevent what you post on one account from immediately going to another one.


Lock your phone

You probably don’t log out of your social media accounts when using them on your phone and that’s okay. However, if your phone were to be stolen, your social media could be used to scam your followers for money or information. This is why you should always have a lock on your phone which sets itself automatically. This will definitely help to maintain your privacy on social media should your phone fall into the wrong hands.


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