No Shave November & Why You Should Take Part

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November is here and it’s time to put that razor down! No Shave November is back and you’re likely to see a lot of scruffy looking men around you. This is the time that men will ‘compete’ on who has a better beard once they let it grow out. If you’re not yet sure, here’s why taking part in No Shave November is a good idea. 


It’s for cancer awareness 

No Shave November is all about embracing your hair, which many cancer patients lose during treatment. By letting your hair grow free and wild, you should also research about cancer and the ways you can help. In addition, create cancer awareness by starting conversations about your facial hair and the reasons behind it.


No Shave November & Why You Should Take Part

Courtesy: The Logical Indian

Save money on grooming

You’re probably not aware of the significant amount of money you spend on your hair and hair products. Now you’ll be able to save all that. However, don’t keep the money! Part of the goal of No Shave November is to raise funds for cancer treatment through the money you save on grooming this month. So go online or donate to a local cancer center.


Not limited to the beard only  

If the beard growing gods didn’t smile upon you, don’t worry! You can still take part in No Shave November. Instead of facial hair, let the hair on your head and body grow out. That means no shaving or grooming for the whole month. In addition, don’t forget to donate the money you would have used for this to cancer awareness, prevention and treatment initiatives.


No Shave November & Why You Should Take Part


Women can take part, too! 

Monthly hair maintenance costs are pretty high for women, so why not put them to good use and take part in the challenge? For women, it’s all about skipping those grooming and waxing appointments for a month. So put those razors away and get a little hairy for a good cause!


The beard gang is calling 

If you’re still not convinced, take part in No Shave November for the wow factor. A beard always looks good so why not rock it for cancer awareness? Besides, you might even get the attention of your crush! At the end of the month, you can decide to keep the look or go back to having a smooth face.




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