Pizza Week & Other November Events To Look Forward To In Nairobi

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Your weekends don’t have to be boring in November! There are many events happening in Nairobi that you’re sure to really enjoy. Best part is that you can go with your loved ones to eat, laugh and take in some new experiences. Starting with Pizza Week, mark your November calendar and get ready for these Nairobi events.

  1. 1 Nairobi Pizza Week 2019


    Love pizza? Looking to try something new? Get to enjoy fantastic pizza deals from more than 100 participating restaurants.

    When: 1-10 November 2019

    Where: Participating restaurants

  2. 2 Too Early For Birds- Tom Mboya Re-run


    Missed it the first time? Couldn't get enough? Don't worry, now you have a chance to relive the life of Tom Mboya in punny style!

    When: 9-10 November 2019

    Where: Visa Oshwal Auditorium

    Charges: Tickets start at Kshs 1000

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