How To Fix Broken Relationships When It’s Your Fault

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Isn’t it sad when you go from talking with someone everyday about everything to being strangers who may not even greet each other in public? Relationships can break apart for many reasons and it’s usually a painful process for everyone involved. So what happens if it was your fault? Here are some ways that you can try to fix those broken relationships with others.


Listen to them

Most broken relationships occur because one party feels unheard and as if their issues are not important enough. You can fix this by giving them the space and time to say whatever is on their minds. In addition, this will help you understand the issue from their point of view.


How To Fix Broken Relationships When It’s Your Fault

Admit to your mistakes

It may be hard sometimes, but admitting to your wrongdoings is a huge part when you want to fix broken relationships. It’s not a blame game, but rather a way for you to do some self reflection, as well as make sure you’ll never do that again.


Make amends

Now that you’ve said sorry, so what? Unless you take actual steps to make it right, those will just be empty words. Itcan be anything, like going for therapy or even letting go of a prized possession. As you talk, let them tell you how they want you to make amends and do it.


How To Fix Broken Relationships When It’s Your Fault

Give them time and space

You do not fix broken relationships by always being in their face and being a bother. Instead, once you’ve apologized, leave them alone to process and decide what to do next. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder, so let that work for you.


Accept their decision

Despite your best efforts, there are some broken relationships that you cannot fix and that’s okay. Should they decide that they never want to see or talk to you again, respect their decision. Just move on and continue working on a better you. 



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