You’ll Need At Least $1,000 To Enjoy Any Of This Expensive Food

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How much do you usually spend on food in a day, a month, a year? Well, if you really want to eat these, you’ll have to spend at least $500 in one sitting! In addition, you’ll probably also have to travel to try out some of the world’s most expensive food. If you can afford it, here’s 5 food items you can try out soon. With these prices, the food better be good!

  1. 1 Louis XIII Pizza


    It may be Pizza Week in Nairobi, but you definitely won't find this pizza here! Made in Italy by a master pizza chef, the Louis XIII pizza costs close to $10,000. It is topped with expensive seafood, like caviar, prawns and lobster, and served with expensive champagne and cognac.

  2. 2 White Pearl Albino Caviar

    Royal Belgian Caviar

    Generally, caviar is one of the world's most expensive food but this kind is even more exclusive. Going for $9,100 per kilogram, part of this high cost is due to the fact that the eggs used are very rare. In fact, the caviar is made from the albino sturgeon whose eggs are only viable after they are estimated to be 100 years old.

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