5 Couple Activities To Do At Home That Don’t Involve Sex

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Being part of a couple should never get boring. No matter how long you’ve been with your partner, there’s always something new to experience and enjoy with each other. Even when you’re just at home, here are some activities you can do as a couple.

Try out a new recipe together

Food can be a great bonding experience, and making it together is one of the couple activities that will bring you closer together. In addition, you’ll get to try something new together and hopefully create something amazing. Even if you mess up the recipe, you’ll still be able to laugh and enjoy every minute with each other.


5 Couple Activities To Do At Home That Don't Involve Sex


Give each other a couples massage

Life is hard, and you carry the stress in your muscles. Get rid of it by giving each other couple massages. Not only will it help you both to relax, you’ll also feel amazing and more connected as a couple. Plus, it’s a great excuse to feel each other up, even if sex is off the table! Make sure to also set the mood with candles, essential oils and soft background.


Binge watch a series together

Do you find that your schedules don’t really match and you hardly ever get to watch anything with your partner? If so, make sure that one of your couple activities involves the both of you getting lost in TV land for a while. Just choose a great series you both love, get your favorite snacks and binge for a few hours.


5 Couple Activities To Do At Home That Don't Involve Sex


Read something interesting as a couple

Words are sexy, and reading with your partner can be a very pleasurable experience for both of you. It’s also an opportunity to find out what your partner likes, as well as a great reason to curl up on the couch together. It doesn’t matter what you read, just make sure your partner is there with you.


Create a couples playlist and dance

Love dancing? Now’s the time to really crank up your couple activities. Why not create a special playlist together that you can enjoy as a couple? Better yet, take a dance class together and heat up your love life.



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