What’s Eating At Your Brain? You Won’t Believe What This Chinese Man Found!

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You know how your body sometimes feels numb out of nowhere that you just ignore and hope it goes away? Well, a Chinese man is lucky that he insisted on medical help when he started feeling this way almost 15 years ago. This comes after a 12 cm brain eating tapeworm was finally removed from his head.


What’s Eating At Your Brain? Chinese Man Finds Something Shocking After 15 Years

Courtesy: Newshub


Wang Lei first started experiencing numbness on his left side in 2007, and went to the hospital immediately. Despite countless tests and being treated by lots of specialists, no one could figure out exactly what was wrong with him. Even after being treated for a malignant brain tumor, the Chinese man still continued to suffer frail health. In addition, he started to have frequent seizures and blackouts as his condition worsened.



That all changed in 2018 when doctors found the tapeworm in his head that was eating his brain. Since the parasite was in a risky area to operate on, doctors embarked on a non-surgical treatment, which didn’t work. Finally, Wang Lei has recently gone through a successful 20-hour operation at the Guangdong Sanjiu Brain Hospital to remove the tapeworm.


What’s Eating At Your Brain? Chinese Man Finds Something Shocking After 15 Years

Courtesy: WorldVOZ


According to reports, the brain eating tapeworm removed from the Chinese man’s head is a Sparganum mansoni parasite commonly found in the intestines of cats and dogs, but rarely in people. To prevent such an incident, the doctors recommended that people cooking frogs, snails and snakes needed to make sure they were thoroughly cooked before eating. In addition, any drinking water in the wild should be boiled first.



As for Wang Lei, the Chinese man is expected to make a full recovery now that the brain eating tapeworm is no longer inside his body.


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