How To Be The Perfect Sleepover Guest

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It’s the weekend, and that means that you’ll probably be out and about. If you’re going out and spending time with your friends, you may end up sleeping somewhere else? So how can you be the perfect sleepover guest? Here’s 5 things you can start doing. 



No crazy business

Whether it was pre-planned or sudden, a sleepover is not an excuse for you to break the rules. While there may be some shenanigans involved, try to keep it moderate. Remember that your host may have other commitments the next day, so try not to inconvenience them as much as possible.  


How To Be The Perfect Sleepover Guest

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Chip in

As the perfect sleepover guest, find a way to be useful around the house. This can be in the form of cooking breakfast for your host or cleaning up in the morning. In addition, you can also buy food or something for the house that they need. 


Follow the house rules

What time does your host wake up? What’s the bathroom schedule like? Are you allowed to wear shoes in the house? These are some of the house rules you need to keep in mind and follow in order to be a perfect sleepover guest. Remember, their house their rules. 

How To Be The Perfect Sleepover Guest

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Don’t overstay your welcome 

While many hosts are too polite to kick you out, they’ll definitely feel the strain if you stay too long. This is because you’ll be using up their food and resources. To prevent this, only stay as long as you said you would and leave immediately after. 


Be grateful

It’s not easy to host another human being in your space, and a perfect sleepover guest understands that. Once you leave, show your host that you appreciate all they did for you with a small gift. Don’t forget to say ‘Thank You’. 


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