Sho Madjozi Finally Met Her Idol John Cena & It’s Everything!

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Until a few days ago, Sho Madjozi had not yet met John Cena. Even after her massively popular hit song ‘John Cena’ has ruled the airwaves for months, the singer saw him on TV just like most people in the world. However, that all changed when the South African singer appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show and John Cena showed up.



As she performed the song for the in studio crowd, John Cena came up from behind and surprised her midway. In the video shared, Sho Madjozi could not contain her excitement at finally meeting her idol, with a lot of screaming and hugging involved. On his part, John Cena also looked very excited to meet her and even attempted the dance inspired by the ‘John Cena’ song.


It was a very heartwarming moment, and the Twitterverse could not get enough. Check out some of the reactions:

Featured Image Courtesy: Twitter



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